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Going Beyond Cans With Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum is one of the most commonly recycled materials, with aluminum cans being the most popular item that people recycle. However, many other aluminum products are also fully recyclable. Recycling aluminum saves energy and natural resources while reducing landfill waste.

If you think you have more than just cans available for aluminum recycling, let’s explore some of the many recyclable aluminum kitchen items we accept at our El Paso recycling facility.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a household staple, used for cooking, storing leftovers, and more. The good news is that all aluminum foil can be recycled, despite being crinkled or having food residue stuck to it.

Foil is made from nearly 100% aluminum. When recycled, old aluminum foil is shredded and then melted down to make new foil, aluminum products, and other materials. 

It’s important to note that only pure aluminum foil can be recycled. Foil with a plastic coating or foil lids from yogurt containers, for example, cannot be recycled with regular aluminum. Be sure to separate pure aluminum foil from other materials before bringing it in for recycling. Ball up loose foil to put in your recycling bin for an easier recycling process.

Aluminum Pie Pans

Aluminum pie pans are another common kitchen item that is fully recyclable. These disposable pans are made entirely from aluminum, with no coatings or plastic parts. Old, battered aluminum pie pans can be easily recycled to recover the aluminum for reuse.

If you use aluminum pie pans frequently for baking or cooking, set aside a bag or bin in your kitchen specifically for collecting the used pans.

When you’re ready to send them to our El Paso scrap metal recycling center, flatten any pans that are bulky before adding them to your recycling container.

With their high aluminum content, aluminum pie pans are far too valuable to throw in the trash when they can be recycled instead.

Aluminum Baking Trays

Like aluminum pie pans, aluminum baking trays are another recyclable kitchen item made solely from aluminum metal.

This includes baking sheets, cake pans, roasting pans, muffin tins, and any other cookware made entirely of aluminum metal.

Unless your aluminum bakeware is heavily damaged or warped, these types of pans and trays can typically be reused many times before needing to be recycled. But when they finally do reach the end of their lifespan, either donate them if possible or add them to your collection of household metals for recycling.

Clean any stuck-on food residue before recycling aluminum bakeware.

Aluminum Serving Bowls

Salad bowls, serving bowls, and other kitchen serving dishes made of durable aluminum metal are ideal for reuse and recycling. High-quality aluminum serving bowls may be passed down and reused for many years before needing to be recycled. More disposable aluminum bowls can also be recycled numerous times.

When recycling aluminum salad bowls and serving dishes with our El Paso recycling team, it’s important to note that they cannot have any plastic or rubber parts, such as rubber feet or plastic handles. Only bowls made entirely from aluminum metal are recyclable.

As with other kitchenware, all adhesive residue and food scraps should be washed off before recycling.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Reusable aluminum water bottles have surged in popularity in recent years as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. The great news is that all metal aluminum water bottles can be easily recycled over and over again at the end of their lifespan.

When recycling old aluminum water bottles, be sure to remove any non-metal parts like rubber stoppers, plastic lids, or neoprene sleeves. Only the aluminum bottle itself can be recycled. 

Before sending your bottles our way, give them a quick rinse.

Aluminum Pet Food Bowls

Pet food and water bowls made of aluminum are another recyclable household item. As with any aluminum, pet bowls made entirely of aluminum can be repeatedly recycled. Durable aluminum pet bowls may be used for many years before needing replacement.

To recycle, remove any non-aluminum parts like rubber bases or plastic handles. Wash the dirty bowl or rinse first. Place old aluminum pet bowls in your household recycling bin or take them to a El Paso metal recycling center. Aluminum pet bowls should never be trashed when they can easily be recycled instead.

Make the Most From Aluminum Recycling in El Paso With Action Metals Recyclers

From foil to cans and baking trays to pet bowls, there are far more aluminum items that can be recycled besides just cans.

Anything made fully from aluminum metal can and should be recycled repeatedly. Aluminum is endlessly recyclable and doing so saves massive amounts of energy and raw materials.

If you’re ready to unload your aluminum scraps, contact us today! We guarantee the best prices in El Paso for your scraps and will help you make a profit as you improve the environment.

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